How Easy Is It To Hook Up Today?

Just how easy is it to hook up these days? Perhaps before answering the question, we should first define exactly what a hook-up is. According to various sources, there is no universally accepted definition of the term.


Even those who use the phrase, such as college students, have their own personalized definition of the word. Author of the book Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus, Doctor Kathleen Bogle, reports that their definition is intentionally vague. In an interview with “Teen Vogue”, however, she added that the definition of the term always “involves sexual activity” that ranges anywhere between “kissing” and sexual “intercourse, outside of a [monogamous] relationship.”

The Good

Bucknell sociologist William Flack has been conducting research on casual sex for almost 17 years. He reports that referring to having a casual romantic or sexual encounter as “hooking up” is currently widely accepted. He says it has not replaced “dating,” just altered how people think about it. He agrees with “Teen Vogue” and other sources that people today do not have any trouble hooking up.

In the past, one only had the numerous free phone chat lines to meet other people. However, many callers reserved their involvement to anonymous phone sex. Once the internet hit its stride though singles were soon able to use hookup sites and hookup apps.

With further advancements in electronics, came various smartphone dating apps. Soon singles were not only hooking up with little more effort than a swipe of a finger but they could even compare dating sites from one electronic device to the other. Many of these websites and apps offer some form of free membership too. This does not, however, mean that this ease in engaging in intercourse sometimes comes with a price.

The Bad

While it’s easy to find people to have casual sex with you, you are also giving everyone online a certain impression about your morals and character. You are exposing yourself to near 24/7 judgment by strangers who would not otherwise even know of you. You are also exposing yourself to much more potential rejection and, if you are not careful, sexually-transmitted diseases.

The Ugly

While it is now easier than ever to meet like-minded individuals, you will also be exposed to a lot more people you may not find attractive. Some may be boring, some may be repulsive and some may not take rejection well.

Specific Preferences

Are you looking for more than just a one-night stand? If so, before diving into the hook-up pool, do your homework. Look for attractive individuals who have profiles similar to yours. If you both have familial responsibilities, for example, you can assume you will both have other responsibilities on your calendars.

While it is easy to meet others these days, again, look beyond the potential chemistry. If you have particular fetishes or specific sexual fancies check out websites and apps that specialize in those particular tastes. These days even the kinkiest individuals can find matches on the internet.

Be Careful

Sometimes those who engage in casual sex can be too casual. Once you have made the decision to meet others for no-strings-attached sex, don’t forget to employ the same precautions you would if you were seriously and/or romantically dating. While having casual sex may very well be your main motivation this does not mean you should simply forget about playing it safe. Don’t forget such precautions as having your first meets in public places, telling a trusted friend where you are going and what you are doing, and remember to discuss such subjects as safe sex prior to any intimate interaction.


Online Dating – How to Get Started

The art of meeting people changed in the last few years. Now, it is agreed, getting started with online dating is the new norm. People still meet the traditional way. However, online dating sites are easily included in the way people meet. Visitors at DatePerfect enlighten visitors on relevant information on dating sites. Discussing the way people interact with each; welcoming Date Perfect visitors to become informed on dating sites around the web.


The first step in online courtships is to register for the dating location. Choose the name you like, and- group fitting your age-appropriate category. Describe your personality, job interest, and future aspirations. Describe your features, select gender, and add a picture if you like. However, on some sites this is optional.

Visit the Site and Watch the Actions of other Visitors:

This may sound like lurking. However, you never jump into any conversation until you know exactly what people are talking about. Be mindful of the sites you visit, and ease into the dating process. With diligence, people fall into the habits they find natural. Sincere people talk about the places they visit, things they do, and the types of interest they have over time.

Screen Your Friends:

Screening people on online sites, and finding those interested in you is easier online. People are straightforward in letting you know if they are interested in dating you, and what you have to offer. Stay within your age-appropriate sector, and describe the preference in people you want to meet. These sites allow you to privately-fill out the dating application, while carefully going over your preferences.

Start the Conversation:

Start out online dating by holding a conversation as you would when meeting someone at an event. The only difference is the place is online. It only takes a moment to see the people you have chosen to talk to online from those logging onto your dating page.
There is nothing wrong with a conversation. Like everyone, you want things to be perfect. Nevertheless, know this will never happen. Therefore, think of yourself as prepared to meet a potential mate or friend anytime. Perfection is open to personal discretion. Dating online gives you the chance to encounter more people with the same interest, and background. This option is a real advantage.


In order to find the person you truly want to spend time as a companion. Honesty is essential. Integrity is important. No, matter the age or socioeconomic group. It is still a human treasure. Do not push the process of dating. You might be seen as a stalker or other undesirable.

No Perfect People:

Everyone on the dating site is human. So, expect flaws. No one is perfect. So, make realistic demands. This is not to say settle for anything, but be fair.

Brace for Questions:

Like yourself, people will want to know something about you, and they will ask. Still, move carefully in your selections and in answering questions. Not everyone will be as open, or as honest as you are. Caution is a good habit when getting involved in relationships in person or online.

Great Selection:

When you think in terms of people that you are able to meet at one time at online dating sites, you might say that the selectivity is wonderful. Corresponding a person to your likes and dislikes is practically a cinch at online courting sites. However, do not rush into anything. It takes time to build a relationship with a person. The idea is to have fun in a healthy way while getting to know someone. Keep pictures appropriate when introducing yourself. Do not make a potential friend uncomfortable with the wrong types of photos.


There is a downside to everything, including online dating. However, like old-fashioned dating, a person must be watchful. A few precautions: do background checks, take your time, and listen to the things people say. There are warning cues in conversations if you listen closely to everyone.

In a fast-paced society, people pressing for success are working long hours. Online dating sites provide a portal for visitors to sit and analyze the type of person they want to interact with for conversation, and possibly a physical date. Many imagine the perfect date. However, first, some people must find a person to date. Online is the place to start.